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Special focus on - Startups and social development organization

We, at ETechDreams, love dreamers. We wish to provide the IT solutions within the reach of every single dreamer/organization in the world. Every startup and social development organization has a dream to make a positive difference in the world in one way or the other. We are excited to work with such organizations or individuals. Our special growth package is specially designed for such dreamers and equips them with the desired IT toolkit to continue pursuing their passion.


  • Understands the startup ecosystem well
  • Has a strong zeal to make a positive difference in society as a corporate
  • Is well-connected with social development organizations
  • Supports the multi-fold impact via technology for NGOs
  • Is corporate partner for Sanskriti organization
  • Helps in opening libraries across India via Sanskriti

Our Special Packages

  • Cost effective solutions
  • Excellent documentation
  • Free hosting up to 6 months
  • Free handhold support and maintenance up to 1 months
  • Free social media campaigning up to 1 months
  • Different modes of project - T & M model - One cost model
  • Client first approach - We will take care of the tech part

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